Bob Dylan

His words have always existed
and always will exist

Robert Allen Zimmerman grew up with a passion for music by listening to the radio at night. This was an experience that would feed into his imagination and change his destiny, an experience that would lead him to become the greatest folk singer in history: Bob Dylan! Knowing that his passion would take him far in life, Bob moved to the Big Apple in the sixties. This allowed him to push his extraordinary talent and share his dream with millions of fans of all generations, turning music into a message for humanity. His words and his melodies will not be forgotten as time goes by, and the city of Florence will have the honor to hear and experience them live at the Nelson Mandela Forum.

Aprile 7th, 2018
Saturday 9.00pm

Nelson Mandela Forum
Viale Pasquale Paoli    |    50137 Firenze



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