Catherine Micoli

Widespread Beauty

I decided to live in Florence because of my job as a fashion designer and in order to closely supervise the production of my bag and knit collections. Florentine artisans appreciate that I personally oversee all processing stages. Florence’s beauty is so widespread, that you are able to enjoy the city by simply walking through it. Whatever you do here, whether it’s shopping, visiting a museum or browsing around antique shops, it is a unique experience.


It is located in the Oltrarno area. Gurdulù is the place where style and good food go hand in hand. The bar is simply wonderful, well worth a visit, even if only for a drink.

Via delle Caldaie, 12r



Todo Modo

Books, coffee, tea. I love going there, either by myself or in company. It is the perfect place to gather with friends, but also to be alone with a new book. Good food, lovely atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff.

Via dei Fossi, 15r



Cinema Odeon

The Odeon is one of Italy’s oldest and perhaps one of Europe’s most beautiful theatres. It is one of the very few movie theatres left which shows films in the original language version, as well as less commercial films which have been awarded prestigious prizes.

Piazza degli Strozzi



Ortofrutta Grassi

The fruit and vegetable on sale is personally chosen by the shop owner, who has a twenty-year experience in the field. He can tell by one look if the apricot you’re eating comes from Naples or Spain. He always helps you come up with an idea of what to cook after a long and busy day.

Via dei Mortuli, 7/9r


Antica Cuoieria

The shoes feature quality of the past and contemporary style. They may not be designer shoes but, as my mother used to say: “They just don’t make shoes like these anymore…”

Via del Corso, 48r



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