Ferruccio Ferragamo

Authenticity, values and style

He grew up in his family’s home in Fiesole. His dream was to become a football player, but life had other plans for him. The father of six children, Ferrruccio Ferragamo is the president of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house. He is a man of great sensitivity and a lover of beauty in all its forms. He joined the family-owned company at a very early age and achieved a high sense of work ethic and responsibility. One of his distinguishing features is the passion for nature, which allowed him to realize a dream: make his home on the estate of Il Borro. A medieval village nestled in the Tuscan hills and dotted with vineyards, offering wine tastings and horse-riding activities. His favorite place in Florence is the spot in his office at Palazzo Spini Feroni from which he gets a stunning view of the Ponte Vecchio. He always advises his friends to watch the sun going down from the Lungarni and the amazing light it casts.

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