65° Festival Puccini

The best of the italian composer
Giacomo Puccini

Founded in 1930 and dedicated to the music of the great opera composer Giacomo Puccini, the Puccini Festival is attended every year by thousands of spectators coming from around the world, thanks in part to its location, the seaside Versilia. The festival is held in the summer, at the Gran Teatro all’Aperto Giacomo Puccini, overlooking Lake Massaciucoli, near Villa Puccini, which the composer built in 1900. The calendar vaunts a unique repertoire of Puccini’s pieces, with the added touch of the aromas of the sea floating in the air.

12th and 26th of July  –  La fanciulla del west   |    13th, 18th of July and 17th of August  –  Turandot    |   20 of July  –  3rd and 10th of August  –  La Bohème, 27th of July   |   12th and 23rd of August  –  Madame Butterfly    |    2nd, 11th, 18th , 24th of August  –  Tosca    |    16th of August  –  Le Ville

29th of July  –  Lo Schiaccianoce, Russian ballet theater   |   4th of August  –   Il Lago dei Cigni, Russian classical ballet

6th to 24th of August  –  Oblò   |   Artwork from the collection “Carnevalotto”   |   12th July to 24th August –  America Forever – Giacomo Pucci and the Stati Uniti

12th of July – 26th of August, 2019

Gran Teatri al aperto Giacomo Puccini
Torre del Lago Puccini    |    Viarreggio   |   Tuscany

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