Immran Arnautovic

I live between Hong Kong and Tokyo,
but I love Florence

Born and raised in Florence with a Croatian mother and a Japanese father, I currently live between Hong Kong and Tokyo to pursue my bachelor degree in Business Administration. This year, I have been to twelve different countries around South-East Asia and the world, but the more I travel the more I realize how blessed I am to call Florence, my home. Renaissance sceneries, fine craftsmanship and heavenly food are what I enjoy most about my city.


Small perfume atelier located in the heart of Florence. As you walk in, you are immediately brought to an olfactory paradise. Specialized in custom tailor-made fragrances with personal blends of different scents, Aquaflor creates the perfect fragrance for myself or my home.

Borgo Santa Croce, 6


Alessandro Dari Gioielli

Located in the old quarter of the city, the Oltr’arno, this atelier was founded by artistic genius Master Dari and offers authentic sculpture-looking jewels. His mastery mixes Classical, Etruscan, Gothic and Renaissance styles in his jewelry which are unique award-winning pieces. He was appointed the chosen artist by the Vatican, has won the Perseo prize as artisan of the year and his works are proudly displayed in various local museums.

Via di San Niccolò, 115r


Riccardo Barthel

Leader in Florentine craftsmanship in furniture, both laboratory and show-room, this family-owned business forged the “Barthel Style”. You can observe real artisans at work in the making of authentic masterpieces. A synonym of quality and impeccable design, it is a well-known trademark in Italy and internationally for hotels, homes and yachts.

Via dei Serragli 234r


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