Mariapaola Pedetta

I’m a Bikelover

I first worked as stage designer and then I started a workshop in Florence that specializes in sartorial fashion design and gives new life to old fur coats, called Dejamis. I now work as fashion designer for CANGIARI, the well-known brand from Calabria which fights against the local mafia, Ndrangheta, by creating organically-certified and handmade fashion collections. I am also a bike lover, I adore going to the mountains and alpine skiing, I am a fairly good cook, I enjoy eating well and I am an art fan.

Antico Setificio Fiorentino

Totally unique.

Via Lorenzo Bartolini, 4



Zoo Design

Italian contemporary design

Via Aretina, 161



Pane e Olio

A small trattoria along the Mugnone river, just off downtown Florence, serving freshly-caught fish dishes, unpretentious gourmet cuisine, and the owners are very friendly.

Via Faentina, 2




One of the oldest activities passed on from father o son until recently.

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 9



Shopping Lovers

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