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I was born in Sicily, but I moved to Florence to study architecture and interior design and it has been my home and workplace ever since. I travel a lot for business and I proudly export Florentine know-how with every project we carry out because in this city, just like back in the days of the Medicis, everything can be made by hand and with the same manual skill in small and often hidden craft shops. Despite the many years spent living in Florence, I am still in love with the city that the whole world envies us. As I walk my dog in the evening I look around and I keep telling myself that we are really lucky (“we” because Florence is Italy’s most dog-friendly city).


This workshop makes handles, bronzes, brass lamps by hand for international customers and interior design, by using age-old moulds and casting techniques.

Via Palazzuolo, 70/r
(chiedere di Simone Bandinelli)

055 217878


Frames, decorations, scrolls, small and big objects in hand-carved and decorated wood. They ship all over the world.

Via Santo Spirito, 15/r
(chiedere di Marco Castorina)

055 212885


Letter paper, business cards, handmade paper, traditional Florentine hand-bound notebooks and diaries with engraved leather cover. A Renaissance-style print shop. Former US President Bill Clinton was a regular customer.

Via dello Studio, 11/r
(chiedere di Stefano Villani)

055 215030


It is not a shop that one would describe as “cool”, but it has everything our pets could possibly need and the owners are very pet-friendly. My dog ran away from home and crossed the city to go there by himself.

Via Fra Giovanni Angelico, 22/24


055 661940

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