Novella Benini

Targeted choices

A happy mother and a neon-artist. I create site-specific works in Italy and abroad. My latest works are showcased in the AquaAzzurra boutiques of NYC and Miami. I practice boxing to be able to eat whatever I want. I’m not obsessed with shopping, but I look for quality and style in everything I buy. When I have friends coming from out of town to visit, I take them to my favorite places, to have an authentic taste of the city.

Loretta Caponi

Pajamas and household linen are my only compulsive shopping habit.

Piazza degli Antinori, 4r




Whether you have planned to change your furniture pieces or not, this shop is always well worth a visit.

Lungarno Corsini, 24r




A treasure box filled with scents and colors in perfect harmony. My credit card is seriously at risk here. I love giving people flowers!

Via di Santo Spirito, 26r

Gerard Loft

This shop has been a fashion landmark for the locals for decades. It has seen a lot of fashion trends and changes over the years, but it never lost its very personal style.

Via dei Pecori, 36r



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