O Flos Colende

Music for Brunelleschi’s Dome

The 23nd edition of “O Flos Colende” Sacred Music in Florence, founded in 1997 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of Florence’s Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, is presented by the artistic director Gabriele Giacomelli which includes a program of 12 events showcasing world-renowned performers. One of the main purposes of the event is to introduce the public to an often-forgotten musical heritage, directly linked to the city’s history, for the most part kept away in the precious Music Archive of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore.

10th of April  |   9.15pm   |   Santa Maria del Fiore   |   “From light to Darkness”   |   Les Talens Lyriques   |   Deborah Cachet – soprano I    |   Judith van Wanroij – soprano II   |   Kaori Uemura -Terakado – viola da gamba   |   Christophe Rousset – organ, harpsichord and direction
7th of May   |   9.15pm   |   Concert at the great Mascioni Organ   |   Maurice Clerc – organ
4th of June   |   9.15pm   |   Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore   |   Concert for trombone and organ   |   Andrea Conti – trombone   |   Guy Poupart – organ
3rd of July   |   9.15pm   |   Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore   |   Baroque musical treasures between the Old and the New World   |   Al Ayre Español   |   Verónica Plata- soprano   |   Jacobo Díaz Giráldez – oboe   |   Alexis Aguado – violin   |   Kepa Artetxe – violin   |   Guillermo Turina – cello   |   Xisco Aguiló – double bass   |   Juan Carlos de Mulder – archlute   |   Eduardo López Banzo harpsichord and direction
12th of September   |   9.15pm   |   Santa Maria del Fiore   |   The charm of the White voices   |   Tölzer Knabenchor   |   Clemens Haudum – organ   |   Christian Fliegner – director

May 14th – September 12th, 2019
Free entrance, Booking requested

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Churchyard of Santa Maria del Fiore



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