Stefano Bollani Piano man

“never do something you don’t
want to do” is his mantra

Stefano Bollani is one of the greatest Italian jazz pianists in the world. He masters his absolutely refined ear, crossing and broadening genres, not to mention norms! Revolutionary and talented, he considers music to be the same as love, indespensible for living. He was educated at the conservatory in Florence, but he also writes books and does radio shows, television and theatre. His concerts aren’t performances with special effects thought out for entertaining the public. When he takes the stage, Stefano Bollani maneuvers the notes like an alchemist, sculpting emotions in the public’s soul. This is what you can expect on July 10 at the Teatro di Fiesole. This is the beauty that awaits you in Florence.

July 10th   |   8.00pm

Teatro Romano di Fiesole
Via Portigiani, 1   |   50014 Florence


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