The elegance of speed

The history of the automobile and
the legend of speed in Florence

“Breaks? Why use those?” Tazio Nuvolari, in 1935, exceeded 335 km/h on the Firenze – Mare asphalt highway. Enzo Ferrari and his feats. Count Giannino Marzotto, who drove in his double-breasted suit instead of a uniform. And the legendary speed races that since the 1930s were run in Florence and the surrounding areas: the Mugello Circuit, the Coppa della Consuma, the Circuito delle Cascine and Circuito di Firenze and the Firenze-Fiesole course. But the best photographs are those of the Concorsi d’Eleganza for classic and vintage cars, which has taken place in the Boboli Gardens since 1948: an important technical and elite event. The Elegance of Speed, that is, the history of the automobile and the legend of style in speed in Florence through photos from the Archivio Foto Locchi. You won’t want to miss this exhibition…

June 12 – October 12, 2018
Tuesday – Sunday   |   8.45am – 6.50pm

Palazzo Pitti   |   Andito degli Angiolini
Piazza de’ Pitti, 1   |   50122 Firenze

+ 39 055 294883

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