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The Divine beauty

Siena is revealed on a hilltop, the undisputed ruler of the poetic Chianti countryside. This medieval city, with its ancient walls, seems suspended in a spell, preserving intact a beauty of over eight hundred years. Piazza del Campo is the beating heart of the city, unique and unrepeatable like a shell. The streets suddenly open on to this magical space, where the Palazzo Pubblico preserves unparalleled history, with its frescoed rooms of masterpieces by Simone Martini and Ambrogio Lorenzetti, who captured Siena's soul. Every summer, the Palio lights up Siena with an ancient passion. The horse race resounds like a medieval echo, renewing the pride of the contrade and transforming the streets into a lively and passionate theatre. An authentic experience unique in the world! 

Siena's Cathedral, with its white marble façade and the Torre del Mangia rise like silent giants. These symbols, a balance between the earthly and divine power, seem to have emerged from a dream, finding in their unfinished parts an indescribable charm. Inside, black and white marble create a play between light and shadow, while the inlaid floor tells stories of distant worlds. The Piccolomini Library, with Pinturicchio's frescoes, is a small universe celebrating the life of Pope Pius II, enchanting with the virtuosity of the artists and craftsmen who worked there, leaving an indelible mark of human talent. In front of the cathedral is Santa Maria della Scala, once a pilgrim's refuge and now a museum that tells the story of Siena, offering a journey through the life of an extraordinary era. In Siena, past and present intertwine like threads in a timeless tapestry. The ancient streets, majestic buildings and traditions live on today, inviting visitors to lose themselves in its hidden treasures and rediscover a sense of the marvellous. Discovering Siena is like reading an ancient story: every corner is a chapter, every stone a word, in a tale that never ceases to enchant.


Siena | Tuscany