The Madonna or Mother and Child is an image represented in many pagan religions, not only that of the Christian faith. But it is in Florence that you can observe the highest artistic expression of a universal iconography from the faces impenetrable and miraculous, filled with grace and humanity. It’s symbolic meaning, the painting cycles that the recount and the highest representative techniques of the “Virgin Parent”, are the elements of an extraordinary and unique itinerary. The woman majestically on her throne in a fresco of the 14th century by Pietro da Miniato, the Madonna carved in gilded pietra serena by Donatello, the Renaissance Madonnas painted by Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi and the master Leonardo da Vinci to the magnificent Baroque image of Mary from the hand of the Dutch master Matthias Stomer. An invitation to encounter and recognize a form of immeasurable beauty in a comparison of the great masterpieces of humanity.