Whether you’re a photographer, a collector or simply an aficionado, the Alinari Brothers’ personal archives are rare, precious, unique. We owe the historical documentation of Italy from the mid nineteenth century to present day to the collection of these two brothers, kept in the same house in Florence since 1863. Over 5.000.000 photographs have, with their unique visual, narrative and cultural strength, captured events, architecture, sceneries and light games for generations to come. It’s a type of beauty which bears historical memory, imagination and most of all inalienable heritage: that of Florence and Italy. This experience will take you back in time – from the photo studio to the historical archives – and will reconnect you with the basics of photography and the artisanal techniques which were used back then. They are unique moments, captured in perfectly preserved shots, available for all to live, admire and study. The incredible materials make this a unique visit – a perfect show to remember with an exclusive Alinari black and white photograph.