Allegra Campolmi graduated this summer from Central Saint Martins in jewellery design. She was born and raised in Florence surrounded by antiques and centuries of history. She loves combining past and present art: “I draw inspiration from architecture and geometrical, repetitive forms . I create wearable sculptures which are designed to be an extension of the body, an interaction between the space and wearer. I feel blessed that I was born  in Florence, center of Italian elegance and craftsmanship: I can work to produce my designs with the highest level of craftsmanship and experienced goldsmiths. I am proud of representing the Made in Italy and, moreover, the Made in Florence”. Her favorite place is Villa il Melarancio where she was born. Staying in the garden and enjoying the view of the olives trees and the blooming flowers, thinking that one day she will go back there with her own family, makes her feel good.