The works of Andrea Orano - Sardinian by birth and Florentine by adoption - are characterised by art, history, architecture, drawing, and the research of detail and perspective. Stimulated by Florence's splendour, he chooses the city to undertake his activity as illustrator and graphic narrator, telling the story of past and often forgotten cultures and civilizations. Florence is a city that allows him to delve deep into history, to imagine and reconstruct settings truthfully, rigorously respecting the uses and customs of different eras, as though he were a director. Landscapes, costumes, homes, objects and utensils all convey images of remote periods and evoke specific noises, smells and tastes. Obsessed with the study of perspective, each of Andrea's works is a new challenge to create a realistic and always spectacular view. Historical reconstruction shapes the basis of his knowledge, and is fundamental for him to create new artworks that allow the viewer to relive the past.