L' Atelier de' Nerli, an ​o​steria in the San Frediano neighborhood which is rich in history and stories that fully represent the twofold meaning of the concept of taste. Daniele Cavalli with his innate talent, has created a place where the taste of food entrusted to Gianluca Camillotto surprises us both for its charming setting and by its refined and original dishes. All of it starts from his Tuscan roots, whose simple philosophy is tied to the idea of local and seasonal healthy cuisine and culminates in the proposal of dishes that combine the idea of "buono e bello". A 'gastronomic experience where the menu and every other detail are a celebration of the "handmade". From the plates to the crystal glasses, from the engraved carafes to the fabrics, sofas and tables, Atelier de' Nerli is like the quintessential place where artists and artisans from the Diladdarno workshops express the universal language of beauty. In fact, many of the periodically exhibited works and some handcrafted artifacts, are purchased as a collector's item. Daniele Cavalli, with his vision halfway between director and curator, has been able to create a place that elevates dining, welcoming and conviviality to a kind of total work of art "Gesamtkunstwerk".