The finely golden sand beach represents the ideal setting to express the pleasures of life, among the mountains backdrop of the Apuan Alps, the pine forests and the sea. This is Forte dei Marmi. Always a favorite destination for great poets (Montale and Ungaretti) and great singers (Edith Piaf, Mina and Ray Charles), Forte dei Marmi is a magic place where Dolcevita, even in the new millennium has never faded. In this dimension, the Bocelli family with their two “elder” sons Amos and Matteo, receive their guests. Forty tents, a richly stocked bar is continually operational, from breakfast to aperitif. The restaurant is at full disposal of the guests in the daily proposal of fine cuisine, (with particular attention to sea food), ready to satisfy every gastronomic desire.  The chef who has been involved, Dario Leonardi, is particularly appreciated by international users, for his refined simplicity and for his creativity in combinations. Here you can enjoy the fresh and seasonal products of the Tuscan cuisine and taste of authentic wines by an international prestige cellar. Alpemare will be also the venue for some philanthropic events linked to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. And who knows, may be the voice of the famous Maestro, who at Alpemare often spends his moments of relaxation, will resound there! As comfortable as a beachfront home, safe and elegant, Alpemare is the new exclusive ‘must’, where you can enjoy summer joyfully and in harmony, never giving up style, and in the respect of those traditions that have made these coasts famous.