She is from Lucca, and she is talented and elegant. At 28 years old she’s a conductor, a composer and a pianist. She’s currently conducting the Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti in Naples, as well as being assistant conductor of the first Armenian National Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of the Puccini Festival in Tuscany. She’s internationally renowned, and has dispelled many prejudices in classical music and beyond. She’s versatile, passionate, and full of surprises. Her book “Allegro con fuoco”, recently published by Utet, will allow you to understand her point of view, her thoughts and her expressive strength better. For those of you who think it’s easier to visit a museum than to go to a concert, whether symphonic or lyrical, we’re sure that Beatrice Venezi will change your mind. Only a few artists master the art of doing well and have the creativity which allows them to turn beauty into symphony.