I am Swedish, but I have been living in Italy since I was six years old. Before going to college in New York, I went to school in a lovely seaside town, Forte dei Marmi, which is located in Versilia, the part of the Tuscan coast best known worldwide. Over the years, I have had the privilege of living intensely wherever dressage brought me. It is my favorite sport and I have been practicing it for many years at a professional level. I have always felt at ease wherever I have had the chance to communicate, interact and learn. But one of the cities I love best is Florence. My love has grown over time, as well as my curiosity to learn more about it. You have to live there for a while and go back several times to get to know the city’s true soul, thrilling and moving at the same time. That’s the only way you will discover the thousand nuances of its beauty…An open-air museum, where art, culture, style and good life blend in perfect harmony.