With its own unrivalled gastronomy, Florence has always celebrated its food to be savoured with friends and family around the table. Cookware Couture’s ‘stove to table’ creations speak directly to the Florentine quality of life with its line of 100 percent silver cookware. It takes its hand-crafted design inspiration from the world-famous history of Florentine artisans who have fashioned the gleaming prized silver since Renaissance times. Embracing the modern food culture, Cookware Couture recognizes the values of healthy eating and sustainability and combines a beautiful design that suits this very real need for the environment today. For centuries, silver has been employed for its anti-bacterial and health properties. The gleaming hand-crafted creations are a healthier option to use as silver does not leach harmful toxins into the food, thus enhancing its flavours. When creating their silver cookware, founders Petra Casini and Laura Shadden recognise the great Florentine design and silversmith tradition – its backbone having sprung from the passion of the artisan. Both ladies are firm believers in the bottega, employing the dedication and expertise of Florentine artisans, appreciating them, working with them, valuing their craftsmanship and historical value and supporting their vital role in Florentine life. This cookware line is not a disposable product and its pieces are intended to pass on to future generations. Quality over quantity.