Middle Eastern in origin, African by adoption, but 100% Italian. I grew up in Florence but for the last few years I’ve been living in Switzerland for my studies. I love to travel. I’m naturally curious and drawn to positivity. I believe there’s nowhere in the world with the beauty, good food and lifestyle of Florence. Walking around the city streets I am enchanted by the way in which people dress. I’ve always thought that the culture of clothing is a nice way to express yourself, a way of saying a lot about ourselves. I believe that fashion was born in Florence for a reason! Personally I love to wear comfortable things that have an “edge”, a bit hipsters and ’70s in style, but which are elegant and classic at the same times. In the meantime, I am focusing on singing and horse riding. I feel free on horseback and singing fills me with energy. If I’m filled with passion that make me feel like a superstar of the smile, it’s all thanks to Florence.