Pieces of Peace is the site-specific installation created by Felice Limosani for the courtyard of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, home of the Roberto Casamonti Collection. In the Renaissance courtyard of the palace, enclosed by the perfect geometries of its architectural lines, an obelisk will rise up to the height of the first arches, pointing skyward, suspended above a mirror of water. The surface of the obelisk will reflect everything around it, slowly changing perspective, thanks to its rotation. Felice Limosani, an artist who has made multidisciplinary training his strength, conceived Pieces of Peace commissioned by Roberto Casamonti, a work where every conceptual and physical limitation is thinned in favour of a visual harmony that integrates and makes all the elements involved converse and tune; a metaphysical work that creates a magnetic relationship of total adhesion with the viewer, physically welcoming him in a solemn ideal canon.