Twins, Florentine for generations, we are particularly tied to the Oltrarno, so lively and so characteristic with its little artisan workshops, the Boboli Gardens and the most historical restaurants in the city. We like to get up early in the morning, throw up the windows overlooking Piazza Santo Spirito – where you’re immediately immersed in the life of the neighborhood – and smell the aroma of the bread wafting up from the small bakery below our house. Sometimes, in big cities, it’s easy to miss certain sights or moments. The love of Florence led us to find ourselves here together in conceiving a common project, our idea of lifestyle – Caftanii Firenze – that has in its name, and as its headquarters, the heart of our city. A city that we find so quaint despite its imposing beauty, so elegant in each of its seasons and so precious, because from any point of view, Florence is an undisputed treasure.