Contemporary art stands out against one of the most beautiful views of Florence. If you find yourself in Florence this summer or autumn, we suggest an experience that you won’t find in any guidebook. All you’ll need are sturdy legs and a bit of breath. Cross Ponte Vecchio and walk to the left along the beautiful street tinged with a 19th-century charm, Costa San Giorgio. Surrounded by wisteria, Neo-Gothic palaces, pergolas and gardens, in just 10 minutes you’ll reach the Medici fortress that dominates over the Boboli Gardens, Forte Belvedere. Closed in the winter, it opens its doors every summer to host contemporary art exhibitions that run through the autumn season. The works by top living artists that are displayed on the parapets seem to blend with the awestruck tourists standing before a view that emanates beauty from every angle. This year, Forte Belvedere welcomes the metaphysical works of Eliseo Mattiacci Cagli, the 77-year-old genius of contemporary sculpture and inventor of cosmological iconography. Gong, until October 14.