About 20 years ago, in this tranquil Italian province, history witnessed some incredible cultural revolutions. Unprecedented projects based on creativity, art and culture were launched and soon became top-tier, visionary places whose missions are to produce culture beyond the walls of official institutions. One of these is located in Pistoia, where, in 2009, a group of young theatre writers imagined a hybrid space where people could come to learn to perform, write and build marionettes. They called it Il Funaro and it’s always found itself in a precarious situation, needing to constantly look ahead in order to not crumble. This excellent space has seen the likes of Enrique Vargas and Daniel Pennac pass through its doors, not to mention internationally-renowned theatre companies. Il Funaro’s season of performances is followed by intellectuals up and down the Boot, but very few people in Tuscany know it exists! Its café and restaurant are worthy of its prestige thanks to the refined quality of their dishes and the fortuitous blend of public and artists. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, on March 9 and 10, Isabella Rossellini will be at Il Funaro to perform the French version of her monologue Link Link Circus, inspired by the animal kingdom and enriched with a touch of comedy, previously performed in London, New York, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.