Lanificio Luigi Ricceri is a company of entrepreneurs and creators, known for their excellent Made in Italy fabrics. Since the 1920s, they’ve been a crossroads between Italian engineering and the ideal of perfection and beauty. Brothers Francesco and Luigi Ricceri have inherited and guarded a patrimony of knowledge, bringing their production into the 21st century. Today, they create collections of unique wools and iconic fabrics with an eye towards stylistic research and customization. A peculair characteristic of Lanificio Luigi Ricceri is having complete knowledge of the production cycle. They’re one of the few who can guarantee that all steps in high-quality production are done “in house,” with a sartorial approach that also includes small-scale productions. Recipients of the Première Vision Award for the most beautiful fabric in the world, they recently premiered their Baby Suri Cashmere, “brilliant, soft, exciting to the touch and the eye”. Their innovation is envied by the world and makes Tuscany proud: a land of artists and artisans!