Palazzo Strozzi exhibits Olafur Eliasson with the largest exhibition ever held in Italy. A journey which allows you to immerse yourself in the artist's aesthetic dimension, not only through a broad overview of his work over the past 30 years but also through some site specific work for the Foundation. The Renaissance rooms of Palazzo Strozzi, of which Arturo Galansino is the curator, welcomes this great retrospective celebrating one of the masters of contemporary art. Eliasson's works range from sculpture, painting, photography, film and installations in an interconnected and vibrant path. He often uses elementary materials such as light, water and fog. His art is as celebrated as his reflections and ideas on perception where the viewer is at the center as an active player. Through interdisciplinary languages that converge in a unique and recognizable design, Olafur Eliasson explores the role of art in the contemporary world as a field that hybridizes scientific research, politics and environmental protection. An art led by his interest in perception, in movement, in lived experience, in his own feelings and in those of the community.