I’m Simone Salvini. I was born in Florence and I grew up in this city. In life, I’m a vegetarian chef and I landed on this path in Florence. I read some interesting books on the great vegetarians of the past, beginning with Pythagoras and Plato up to Zarathustra and from there I started on a beautiful human and professional path. I think Florence is an amazing city because there are so many little treasures that you can only find by walking through the city. When I was a boy, I liked to lose myself in the streets and take it all in, perhaps with a guide or an old book, my eyes firmly skywards. What’s important in our kitchen? Knowing how to combine ingredients, perhaps with a little extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil, but also matching the different colours because colours are usually indicative of nutrients. Red might mean lycopene, green, chlorophyll, orange, beta-carotene. Combining these in the same dish is not only great for flavour but also for your health. I travel a lot for work and every time I’m asked to go back to Florence, I can’t help but say, yes please.simonesalvini.com