Felice Limosani and Riccardo Guarneri meet in a spontaneous, intergenerational dialogue to reread and reflect on the path of the Florentine artist. Born in 1933, a protagonist of Italian analytical painting, his early work can be ascribed to the abstract and informal Art. He approached painting at a young age at the same time as his activities as a musician, which led him to perform with orchestras in Italy and abroad. His identifying mark can certainly be traced back to the study of color as light, both in graphic strokes as painting and in research related to visual perception. A theoretical theme, to which he combines the method,  that since 1962 has made sign, light and color his aesthetic and expressive language. Thus were born the first very clear works, as ethereal as they were elegant, in which space is marked by slight luminous variations and whose surfaces are treated mainly in pencil. Even then he sensed as central the theme of light, but he still could not renounce matter.