Imagine the amazing stories the walls of Palazzo Vecchio could tell! Exploring the building that stands on top of the ancient ruins of the Roman theatre of “Florentia” is an unforgettable experience. It contains many secret passageways;  a stairway hidden behind a room made like a trunk, a secret room halfway up the Tower of Arnolfo which was used as prison cell for centuries.You will walk as far as the eaves of the palazzo’s roof and look out over the trusses that hold up the impreszsive ceiling of the Hall of the Five Hundred, a masterpiece of Renaissance engineering and carpentry. The golden age of the palazzo coincides with the time when the Medici family chose it as their home. That the Medici’s were well known and rich is undisputed; this family were among the most powerful families in the entire world. After admiring the many wonderful treasures you will see the 3D show “Magnificent” in the Arms Room of Palazzo Vecchio. A compelling story, narrated by Andrea Bocelli, based on real events that occurred in Florence’s history. A plot that leaves space for reflection and delivers an important message for today’s society: the magnificence of human beings.