A spaceship has landed in Prato; it’s the newly-expanded Pecci Center by architect Maurice Nio. On October 16, one of Italy’s major contemporary art museums reopened to the public. The current exhibition, showing until March 19, 2017, presenting over 50 female and male artists, displayed over 3,000 square meters, challenges you to look into the present as if from light years away - a sensation of estrangement, disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Such is the incredible Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang. A work first shown in Berlin, it is composed of a glass wall, tall as the Berlin Wall that fell in 1989, and a vortex of 99 wolves that chase each other, crash into the wall, fall and rebegin the cycle. This whirlwind of activity is symbolic of human existence and of society’s current issues. The exhibition is impossible to leave with indifference.