It is well-known that the Medici Chapels house the Princes’ Chapel and the New Sacristy, where the tombs of Giuliano and Lorenzo de’ Medici, designed by Michelangelo, are kept. But perhaps very few know that the Medici Chapels hide Florence’s oldest mural drawings. Having chosen to take the Republican side in 1527, the great Florentine painter, sculptor, architect and poet was sentenced to death for high treason. In order to save Michelangelo’s life, the prior of the church of San Lorenzo, Giovanni Battista Figiovanni, revealed the existence of a safe and secret room, underneath the New Sacristy. In this candlelit room, Buonarroti kept himself busy by filling the blank walls with sketches. Today, thanks to a touchscreen system, these wall drawings can be admired by the public, after having been covered over with white stucco for centuries. Art and politics, an endless source of engaging stories.