San Patrignano, the world’s largest residential treatment center, in Europe, as well as the first reference in the world in the fight against drugs and addictions exposes, from October 26th to November 3rd 2019 a Palazzo Vecchio, in Sala d’Arme, a selection of contemporary works donated by internationally renowned artists, gallery owners and collectors. The exhibition “Work in Progress” celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation with a gala dinner by invitation in favor of the community, always free for all those who need help to get out of addiction and take back their life. Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano Foundation and soul of this project has traced a new horizon of development for the Community that through the lever of culture and art has become the protagonist of an experimental model of expanded participation between public and private in the sign of social responsibility. After Milan, Rome, Brescia, Naples, Palermo the exhibition “Work in progress” makes a stop in Florence, the last stop before arriving in 2020 in the new Museum of contemporary art in Rimini where it will reside as a permanent collection. Beatrice Ferragamo the Ambassador of San Patrignano has opened the doors of Florence to the Community by promoting its values and supporting the initiative at Palazzo Vecchio since its conception with great involvement and care so that the spirit of belonging of San Patrignano could be reflected on the community small town. Honored guests from all over the world will be attending in support of the artistic project of San Patrignano, which is highly appreciated and supported in a significant way by the administration of the city of Florence. An event of high socio-cultural value, supported by the founding partners of Firenze Yes Please, in favor of the community of San Patrignano. The evening in the magnificent Sala del Cinquecento will be conducted by Simona Ventura with the artistic participation of Irena Grandi, the screening of the art work “Pensieri illuminati” by Felice Limosani and the musical accompaniment by Ennio Clari.