“Voices” is an exhibition that brings together the artistic work of Vittorio Corsini and the unpublished stories of six of the most renowned contemporary Italian writers – Laura Bosio, Mauro Covacich, Maurizio de Giovanni, Romano De Marco, Ferruccio Parazzoli, Laura Pugno. The unusuale collaboration between the artist and the six writers, expresses a powerful artistic-literary idea, supported by the unique context of ancient churches. The six permanent installations wind from the town of Peccioli, between the surrounding villages thus creating paths that have never been seen before. Nestled in a hilly landscape, Peccioli combines the charm of medieval Tuscany with the idea of a truly widespread museum, a sort of open-air museum that establishes new relationships with the surrounding landscape, enriching it with new elements that intertwine with local history and traditions. “Voices” will remain in the imagination of beauty lovers, a chapter of artistic experimentation second to none.